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The firm started in 1995 as a Single Proprietor owned by Engr. Rafael Apolinar Recio, a Civil Engineer by profession. It is a distributor and trader to construction and manufacturing plants. Products includes conveyor belts, engineering plastics, insulation materials, moulded rubber and sheets, valves (butterfly, gate, ball type), expansion joints (heat resistant fabric materials & stainless steel type), insulating varnishes and industrial chemicals.


In year 2003, it opens fabrication business that caters to Cement Plants, power plants and semi-conductor industries. We fabricate equipment parts based on the specifications provided by the client. We also offer services to industries such as installation of Engineering Plastics on Cement plant chutes, installation of cladding & insulation on Cement Equipment Casings and more as per client requirements.

In year 2011, QUALI-TECH INTEGRATED PRODUCTS PHILS., INC., under the leadership of its owner decided to form a group of professionals to form a corporation to compete with the fast growing economy and commercialization.


In year 2019, the company opened an HVAC Business Unit that serves and focus on Sales, Design, Supply and Installation of Air-Conditioning Units for Government Agencies and Private Sectors such as residential, commercial and industrial firms.

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